Dance Arches Toeless v2.0 - (Medium-Large)

  • Model: DAT-MLv2


INTRODUCING v2.0 of the Dance Arches TOELESS !

We have re-designed this toeless style with a pocket on the instep instead of the previous bonded version.


- more lateral adjustment is available to allow dancers to place the instep precisely where they want it.

- The silicone hump has not changed but is now removable for washing the sock portion without the risk of damaging the Dance Arch.

- The Dance Arch is equally as invisible under tights as the previous version.

- Lower manufacturing costs mean we can pass those savings on to our loyal customers.

Dance Arches Toeless Style - For the dancer who requires their toes to be free for demi pointe and pointe work. The stocking joins between the first two toes, allowing the toes to spread freely on demi pointe.

Please refer to our shoe size comparison chart to select the correct size.

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