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About Dance Arches

The idea of Dance Arches was conceived while back stage before a performance of Swan Lake. The intention was to give professional dancers a performance accessory that could easily be worn under ballet stockings, socks and sockets. During the process of creating Dance Arches the focus was to design a product that looked natural and felt comfortable whether a dancer is wearing one or more pairs on top of each other. As dancers feet are so individual, Dance Arches arch enhancer was designed so that dancers can wear as many pairs as they wish to achieve an individual look. Professional ballet artists from various companies were asked to trial Dance Arches and provide us with feedback. Thank you to Dincer Solomon Dip. P.D.T.D (RAD LONDON) for his support. Also a special thank you to Marie Walton-Mahon (ARAD, Solo Seal, International RAD Examiner and RAD teacher) for her endorsement.

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